From Ocean

Angry Ocean (Hot)

Combination seafood w/tom yum sauce, mixed vegetable and fresh chilli

Chilli and Garlic Scallop

W/green salad, capsicum & chilli garlic sauce

Chu Chee Fillet Fish (Med)

W/spiced coconut cream sauce, vegetable & kaffir

Pan Fried Salmon

W/green salad, capsicum & salt garlic chilli sauce

Sarm Ros Battered Fish

W/tamarind and garlic sauce on vegetable

Sizzling Seafood

W/mixed vegetable and Thai herb

Volcano Seafood Hot Pot (Med)

W/mushroom, onion, tomato, chilli in Thai Street Style

Whole Snapper w/your choice of flavour on mixed vegetable

Chilli Lemon dressing w/smoke crushed rice
Tamarind and garlic sauce
Coconut creamy sauce and Thai herb